Snapshots of a prototype


My Role: UX, UI Prototyping

Head to Head

Taking The Big Game Further

This application is an evolution of the The Big Game, a free to play a game that I created for Chalkline sports.

This iteration of the game was focused on bringing in a point system to transition users in the American market to become familiar with odds.

Also, stats were a primary focus a. as common in US sports and b. to help the user cross reference the stats with points to better understand the calculation of odds v risk.

Bouncing Ideas Around

As this was another remote project, with the product owner based in the USA, I had to put down all our ideas in a format that we could discuss, using remote tools.

The shots above are some of the ideas that we mocked up and these were shared via Marvel. This also allowed comments to be sent back and forth between our time zones and always in context.

Wireframing The Journey

After finalising the best approach to display content on each card, I took our decisions forward and built out a wireframe of the whole journey, again in Marvel.

Having the product in our hands, allowed us to play about with it, dogfooding it essentially.

Colouring In

I rarely get a chance to flex my colour palette in my day to day work, however, this design gave me a chance to take my wireframes to the final mockup.

  • I went high contrast on the colour combination to make the key areas stand out.
  • We had already worked out the correct way to display the data, I used the colours to make the question panel more prominent, and the data appear at a second level.